Alimony investigation

Alimony investigation by private detective

After a divorce there is the legal duty between ex-partners to support one another. The ex-partner with the lowest income can request partner alimony. The ex-partner who receives alimony has to report differences in income or housing situation. Because these data may influence the (amount of) alimony. If there is the suspicion of abuse of the alimony, Shetect can do an alimony investigation. The reason for investigation is when the receiving partner would have a higher income or would be sharing a household with a new partner. In that case, the alimony has to be reduced.

The investigation

During this investigation we collect evidence. Among other things photos and videos that will show what the actual situation of the ex-partner is. Of course consultation will take place with you as a client and your lawyer. Your lawyer can indicate what is necessary to complete the investigation. With the report of our investigation we can (if so desired) enter into conversation with the ex-partner.  The purpose wil be to change the alimony amount or terminate it altogether. If the ex-partner is not willing to cooperate, you can request to stop or change the amount of alimony. This has to be done in court. In many cases the ex-partner can be made accountable for the costs of our investigations. Also the overpaid alimony can be reclaimed.

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