Screening of future of ex-employees

Screening staff personeel

When a company holds sensitive information it is important that the staff members are of high integrity and reliability. Shetect can screen current staff and possibly future staff by investigating  an employee’s past. We will collect evidence to see if the person actually is who he/she claims to be and if this person is trustworthy. We advise  to request a statement  of good behaviour from the (future) employee, which will inform you about his/her possible criminal offenses. In view of the findings we can think along and give advice concerning hiring him/her temporarily or offering him/her permanent employment.

Besides current and future staff, it may also be important to investigate ex-employees. Ex-employees often dispose of a lot of information about the organisation like clients or other sensitive information. If the contract with the employee contains a competition clause or a relation clause, it may be significant to check if this person sticks to these clauses. Shetect can find out what  the person is doing now and whom he/she contacts with. Following the findings we can think along and offer advice concerning a follow-up procedure.

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