Faudulent absenteeism

Fraudulent absenteeism

Some employees call in sick on a regular basis which leads the employer to have doubts. Doubts concerning the actual health of the employee or fraudulent absenteeism. In case of such doubts Shetect can investigate the activities of the employee who called in sick. If the employee is not sick, is working for himself or another employer, Shetect can gather evidence in the form of photos and videos. When we have evidence of is fraudulent absenteeism, the employer can take steps with our report. For instance in the form of firing the employee, which will quickly cover the costs of the investigation. On the basis of what we have discovered we can think along and advise concerning a follow-up procedure. When the employer makes known that such an investigation is executed, the employer gives a signal to the other employees which can lead to less absenteeism.

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